Foster Parent Program

If you love cats, but can't make a permanent commitment, become a foster parent.

If you want to save a life, become a foster parent.

If you want to feel good about yourself, become a foster parent.

FELINES & FRIENDS' Foster Parent Program is unique. Our cats are kept in the comfort of volunteers' homes until a permanent placement can be made.

Foster parents are very special people who perform a very special service. They take in a cat who has been abandoned, abused, starved or just plain terrified - and give him the love and security he needs to make him an adjusted, adoptable feline companion. These unique and compassionate people know that they've done the most important thing in the world. They have provided a cat with the most important self-esteem restorer - they've made him feel loved! As hard as it may be to give him up, they are anxious to help the next needy animal.

FELINES & FRIENDS provide foster parents with the equipment needed to take care of the cats…litter pans, litter, bowls, etc. The only thing we ask our foster parents to do is provide love - and food. (F & F has no food sponsor.) There is always a shortage of foster homes. The demand for our services far exceeds our resources.

Foster cats are taken to occasional adoptions and listed on our website in the hopes of finding homes of their own. Until adopted, they live with their foster parents. The more foster homes we have, the more lives we can save.
DESPERATE:  Felines & Friends is desperately looking for only-cat foster homes.  We have several kitties right now who do not wish to be around other cats.  They LOVE people and are affectionate and sweet – unless they have to share their space with another feline.  Even if you can only foster for a week or two, it would be a week or two that a very unhappy cat could be happy!  Please e-mail to and put FOSTER in the subject line.  We will contact you immediately.  Please pass this on. 

If you are interested in more information on becoming a foster parent, please e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A volunteer will be happy to answer your questions. THANK YOU FOR CARING!