Papi is a sweet little demon – born July, 2009, he’s still very much a kitten at heart, and is a true mackerel tabby – very sweet and gentle by nature, but full of energy and incredibly playful and mischievous.  He’s very affectionate and loves attention.  He will chase and play with you for hours.  Papi is lots of fun and he will melt your heart.
Papi (originally called Monty) came to Felines & Friends when his family had a baby.  It was a very sad and scary time for Papi, who is an extremely loving and sweet boy.  But watch your paper towels!  He can unwrap an entire roll of them in less than a minute.  He also performs  this strange behavior on a mirror - he will stand up on his hind legs, look into the mirror and begin pawing at it -- first with the right paw, then the left paw, faster and faster, until it looks like he is swimming!  He will keep at this for five minutes straight!  He's also done with on glass picture frames and probably other items that I've not observed!  Who knows what he's thinking?  He us extremely smart and obviously, he has a reason for this behavior -- I am just not smart enough to figure it out!  Are you?

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