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RARE Torbie Point Siamese - Female - about 3 years old

It is amazing how loving and sweet Ivy is after all the rough times she’s gone through.  And what unique markings and stunning blue eyes!  She truly is beautiful inside and out!

According to the vet, she has a minor neurological disorder either from an accident or birth, but the only symptom is that she is sometimes wobbly on her back legs.  Other than that, she is perfectly healthy and she never lets her legs get in the way of doing everything any other kitty can do!

Sadly, Ivy used to live with an animal hoarder with about 40 other cats.  Many of those cats picked on her because of her disability.  But she never let them break her spirit!

Now that she is in a loving foster home and getting lots of love and affection, she is in heaven!  She purrs and kneads her paws when you pet her, and even rolls over to make sure that you can pet her on both sides!  She’s an excellent companion because she is very happy to sit or sleep with you for hours.  She also has the extreme smarts of a Siamese and is a very quick learner.  You only have to tell her once not to do something and she listens and remembers and never does it again.

After all she’s been through, this sweet girl deserves an amazing forever home full of love and kindness where she can get the lifelong attention and praise that she deserves!

Will you please give her story a happy ending?

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