Clint & Buddy

Clint & BuddyClint & Buddy


Clint (white) and Buddy (black) are unique boys.  They are approximately 10 years old and had been living with famous poet, composer, songwriter and singer Rod McKuen.  Mr. McKuen passed several years back and the boys have been living with his long-time partner.  Unfortunately, the partner died earlier this year.  Mr. McKuen's family lives back east, but came here to make plans to be sure the "boys" were well-taken-care-of.  Felines & Friends was contacted to provide a foster home until these wonderful cats can be adopted.  They are used to living in a small area, as they were always in Mr. McKuen's bedroom and bath.  Someone with a studio apartment would be ideal for them, as they would feel right at home!  They are learning to roam their foster home now, and Buddy goes into the bedroom, wakes up his foster mom, and demands food every morning at 6 AM!  Lovely, sweet guys, these cats must stay together, as they are quite bonded.  They've been through a lot, losing both their dads and having to move from their home.  They have adjusted well -- they love attention and will let you pet them all day long!  They are intelligent and easy-going.  They get along with other cats and don't even mind small dogs.  They are a delight and would love to have a permanent home.


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