Loki and Romeo

Loki and RomeoLoki and Romeo


Red tabbies, these two boys are quite close.  They were rescued 
together, sleep together, eat together and play together.  If they 
could go to a new home together, it would be wonderful.  However, we 
will not turn down a great home for one of these boys, as long as that 
home has another kitty friend for our boy.  Born in February of 2015, 
these young guys are adorable; but they are still a bit shy.  They 
enjoy being in your lap, enjoy being petted and will purr like crazy.  
They become more trusting everyday.  Loki is the darker boy; Romeo is a 
lighter shade of red.  Loki is very friendly; Romeo is still a little 
hesitant.  They are beautiful cats and need someone that they can trust 
and love forever.

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