Leopold and Landon are almost identical kittens.  They are all grey; 
Leopold has a very small white triangle between his legs.  They are 
both males, born approximately on April 30.  These kittens were part of 
a litter of three (third one is also grey), born of an all-grey mother. 
  Their mom brought them onto the porch of a friend of Felines & 
Friends, who invited them in!  Their third sibling has been adopted -- 
now it is time for Leopold and Landon to find great homes.  Their 
personalities are very similar: extroverted, friendly, playful, active 
and very, very busy!  Landon is slight bit stronger in personality, 
getting to the door first, getting to the food dish first, etc.  But 
Leopold is not far behind.  They are a wonderful pair and would love to 
be adopted together -- or to a home with another kitty for them to befriend.

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