Malibu -- male neuter, grey tabby and white shorthair.  Born 
approximately January, 2011, this big boy (14.6 pounds) is very loving. 
  He had been coming to the home of a Felines & Friends' volunteer, who 
began feeding him and trying to make friends.  It took 8 months for 
Malibu to trust her, but when he did, he let her pick him up, take him 
inside and he never looked back!  All you have to do is talk to him and 
he begins to purr.  He loves to be petted and brushed.  He gets along 
amazingly well with other cats and nice dogs, too!  Neutered when we 
found him, he was obviously abandoned and had to fend for himself for 
quite some time.  It took him so long to trust because he must have 
been chased away and yelled at from all those "cat haters," who didn't 
want him around!  We promised him he would never be chased away again!  
He is an exceptional kitty and anyone who meets him will fall hard for him!

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