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BRUNO – male, black and white shorthair, born March 30, 2015. 

Bruno has had some difficulty with his eye and has been seeing an 
ophthalmologist.  He has become the most loving, affectionate and sweet 
little boy, since so much attention has been showered on him.  He 
needed eye treatments 8 times a day -- and his foster mom did a 
fantastic job.  With all the extra TLC he received, Bruno now expects 
to be in your lap all the time!  He also is so smart that when he is in 
your lap, or in your arms, if he has to use the litterbox, he will make 
a little "mew" sound...different from all his other noises!  Then, his 
foster mom takes him to the litterbox and he does what he needs to do!  
There aren't too many kittens out there with that ability to 
communicate!  Bruno's siblings, Chloe and Remi, have been adopted; now 
it is Bruno's turn.  He will make someone a remarkable family member.

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