Nicky - 3 year old brown tabby and white shorthair 
Nicky is an FIV+ cat, meaning that he has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (similar to AIDS in humans). His immune system does not work well at all. He, however, is extremely healthy and strong. Felines & Friends was contacted by one of the Shelters when Nicky was adopted and his new parents had him tested for FIV. When he came back positive, they brought him back to the Shelter to be euthanized!! Luckily, a former volunteer for F&F works at the Shelter and she called us. We immediately took him in...and what a cat he is! Smart, playful, affectionate. He gets along great with other cats, but does NOT like dogs. FIV is a species-specific (only cats) disease and can be spread only with a bite wound -- the affected cat would have to BITE another cat and then, there is only a chance that he will spread the FIV. Nicky loves other cats and we would like to see him in a home with at least one other kitty. NIcky loves to wrestle! He is an exceptional guy, weighing in at almost 16 pounds! He meets you at the door and has to know everything!

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