Sweet Pea

Sweet PeaSweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a gorgeous black shorthair, female spay and she is 10 years old. Sweet Pea was rescued from the Shelter after she and her three housemates were all DUMPED at the Shelter because her parents, who had her since she was a kitten, had a baby!! She was thoroughly traumatized at the Shelter -- she had no idea what was happening or what she had done to lose her home. Felines & Friends pulled out all four of these older cats (a thirteen year old, a seven year old and another 9 year old) and we are looking for forever homes for them all. Two have been adopted. Sweet Pea and Morris (a 13 year old red tabby) remain in foster care. Sweet Pea is very affectionate. She will sit in front of you,meow to get your attention, and politely ask if she may sit in your lap. If you say "yes," she would prefer you lift her up and she will stay with you for hours! She will purr, lick your fingers and purr some more! All she wants is to be loved.

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