Salem, born July, 2013, is all black and shiny, except for a spot on his chest -- it looks like a flashlight beam! Salem is one of a set of brothers, both black, both exceptionally smart. He and his brother, Sedgewick, were born in a Shelter. His mother did a wonderful job on raising her brood, but when the kittens were 6 weeks old and no one had adopted them, the Shelter put them on the red list. Felines & Friends stepped up and took Sally (mom) and the 4 kittens -- 3 black and one tabby, like Mom. Sally and the tabby baby have been adopted. The female black kitten has been adopted. Only Salem and Sedgewick remain, hoping everyday for a forever home. They are quite a pair. They love to play tag! They will keep you in stitches while they tear around the house. Sedgewick will find any size bag or box to climb into. It doesn't matter if 3/4 of his body hangs out! Salem will find anything and everything to play with. Be careful -- he will steal every straw in your house. I've seem him dig into the bottom of the sink to retrieve a straw! He will carry around plastic container lids, socks, even my bra! Watching them is better than TV!


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