Princess Adelaide

Princess AdelaidePrincess Adelaide

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PRINCESS ADELAIDE:   lovely classic tabby, female spay, shorthair, born approximately 2/12.


Adelaide is a great gal who was rescued from the Shelter when she was on borrowed time.  She does not have a mean bone in her body and loves attention.  Presently, she is living with several other cats and 3 little dogs – she gets along with everyone.  She can be a little shy initially, but once she realizes she is safe, she will do everything she can to hold your attention.


She is very responsive to your voice and is quite talkative herself.  You will find you can have an entire conversation with this little girl and she will pay attention till the end. 


Because she lives with quite a few other kitties, she has not completely blossomed into the wonderful girl we know she is.  Once she gets into a place where she knows she is the center of your world, she will be amazing.  We guarantee it!





F&F Representative:  Jackie

Adoption Donation:  $125

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