PETULA --   female spay, torbie and white, Abyssinian mix, born 1/2011.




Petula is a very beautiful, heavy-boned, sturdy girl who is friendly and affectionate.  She loves to be brushed and petted.  She is presently being fostered by one of Felines & Friends’ directors and has a room to herself.  She actually prefers that, as she was a street rescue and is hesitant to quickly trust other cats. 



Petula loves to sit in her bed and look out the window – if the window is closed, she will cry softly until you come to open it!  She has a small, soft meow and enjoys talking with you…very Abyssinian behavior.


She was rescued from a warehouse, where she was allowed to stay, as long as she provided a service – catching mice!  One day, the owner decided she wasn’t worth the trouble and he threw her out!  Luckily, one of the workers had a good heart and he found Felines & Friends. 


Petula definitely has a mind of her own.  One afternoon, at adoptions, she was sitting on a client’s lap when she decided she was finished with that – and to everyone’s surprise, she quickly jumped down before anyone could grab her and she high-tailed it across the aisle and jumped up into her cage!  She knew EXACTLY what she was doing!


Petula is extremely well-behaved.  She would probably do best in an only-cat home, as she likes to hog all the attention!

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