SUE – female spay, classic tabby and white, shorthair, born approximately 3/12.  She is a good-size gal, with a heart to match.  She is very easy-going and gets along with both cats and dogs.


Sue was rescued from the shelter – another one about whom we were notified when she was red-listed (on her last day).  She is very talkative and will greet you at the door and ask you about your day.  She is extremely polite and will listen to you while you tell her all about your adventures!


Sue loves attention and would enjoy sitting with you, watching TV – as long as you stroke her every so often.  She is not a terribly demanding girl, and she is happy with any love and affection you care to show to her. 


Sue would make a wonderful companion to another cat, so if your cat is lonely, please think about giving Sue a forever home.  It’s all she wants in life.  And if you don’t have another cat, maybe you could think of adopting Sue and one of her foster friends!




F&F Representative:  Jackie

Adoption Donation:  $125


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