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RILEY – black longhair, male neuter, born August, 2010


Riley was institutionalized at the Shelter in June, 2012. He is an extremely friendly cat and spent 4 months at that facility before Felines & Friends found out about him.  The Shelter can be quite traumatic for most cats, but Riley came thru without any permanent scars.  He has been with us since November of 2012, and he has all but forgotten that awful experience. 


He is a welcome addition to Felines & Friends. He gets along beautifully with other cats and he adores people. He is sometimes called “obnoxiously affectionate,” as he rubs on your hands when you are trying to write, rubs on your elbows when you are trying to put on eyeliner and sits directly in front of the TV so you HAVE to give him attention! 


He even purrs incessantly at the vet’s office – because he is getting one-on-one attention!  Our vet can’t understand why Riley hasn’t yet been adopted!!  He is a beautiful and loving boy who deserves a wonderful home. Won’t you consider opening your heart to this remarkable guy?

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